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Peace In Motion: Baltimore Ballet Boys Photo Exhibition

"Peace In Motion: Baltimore Ballet Boys Photo Exhibition" is a captivating project spotlighting the grace and skill of Baltimore's male ballet dancers, aged 12 to 25. Photographed in diverse locations across Baltimore City by esteemed local photographers Calandra Bennett and Ellie Davis IV, the exhibition aims to honor and showcase the artistry, talent, and humanity that thrives within the city.

This visual celebration is dedicated to three influential community figures—Andre Bailey, William Johnson, and Anton Wilson—whose unwavering support uplifts male dancers and the broader community. Their commitment to fostering talent and unity inspired the creation of this exhibition.

Originally conceived as part of the uplifting August 2021 Baltimore Ceasefire Weekend, this virtual show extends the positive impact of that event. To explore more events, find inspiration, and delve into the stories of Baltimore residents working towards ending violence in the city, visit our website

Firebird: A Baltimore Ballet Boy Journey

In a groundbreaking collaboration, The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and The Baltimore Ballet Boys joined forces to bring a unique and innovative twist to the classical masterpiece, Igor Stravinsky's "The Firebird." The two esteemed institutions embarked on a community performance project that transcended geographical boundaries and celebrated the resilience of the arts.

The film production unfolded as a symphony of individual performances, with each dancer filming themselves in their unique locales, capturing the essence of their surroundings. The footage was masterfully curated and edited to highlight the individual artistry of each dancer and their shared passion for dance that unites them. 

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